Queen Sheba School
Construction in Progress

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School Supplies Donation
From the Upper Dublin High School in Pennsylvania
To Queen Sheba Schools in Adwa, Ethiopia

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By Elias Said Siraj, MD

Here is a presentation to help you better understand the current situation at Queen Sheba School and the education system in Ethiopia that was unveiled by Chairman Getachew Belay, the current Chairman of Addis Abeba QSSA&F-I on his Washington DC trip:

Note on the Economics Effects of Queen Sheba Schools on the Town of Adwa

The Town of Adwa in Tigrai State in northern Ethiopia

Based on artifacts and historical relics, the ancient town of Adwa can be defined as the cradle of African civilization. Available archaeological evidence clearly shows that the town of Adwa is one of the principle homes of the legend of Queen Sheba, mother of King Menelik I, the son of King Solomon (Abraham, 1996). The town of Adwa which is surrounded by sharp and crusty mountains is better known for the great Ethiopian tradition of heroism Read More

Thank You for Coming to The 2011 Reunions! 

Thank you all for attending the 2011 annual QSSAF-I Alumni Reunion Reception. It was indeed a pleasure watching you all reconnect with each other. We are happy to share our 2011 Annual Report. You may press the links below to read the full report:

2011 Annual Reunion Report - 1 | 2011 Annual Reunion Report-2


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