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  • momaqueensheba
    Welcome to a Conversation with Alumnus

    We recently conducted an interview with Dr. Dawd S. Siraj who is an associate professor of Medicine and Infectious Diseases at East Carolina University in North Carolina. He is a dedicated member of North America Health Professionals Association, a former student of Queen Sheba, and a member of the Temporary Alumni Committee. Dr. Dawd has written many articles and publications on health issues. As part of his dedication and concern, he initiated the visit of Clinton Global Foundation to Ethiopia where they build clinics that benefited over 4000 HIV patients. He recently responded to this email interview. Click here to read the whole interview.

    momaqueensheba Welcome to a Conversation with Alumnus

    Our guest Aite Iasu Gorfu is an extraordinarily prolific Writer, Poet, Philosopher, Educator and Vocational Trainer of Electonics and Digital Computers. He's a former student of Queen Sheba, and a member of the Temporary Alumina Committee. He recently responded to this email interview. Please Click here to read

    momaqueensheba Oh, My Old School, Oh My Past Future

    I was born in Inda Girogis Riba Gered. I heard calves, goats & towards the end, even cattle together with my friends. In mornings of rainy summer days we use to hear the roaring or lorries in Adwa. When I first walked to Adwa, I was 7 years old. Adwa was very far away. Every Qusquam Mariam, we walked to Mai misham, my mother’s village. Even mai misham was very far away. Then we moved to Zengui, on the way to Mai misham. Even from Zengui, Mai misham was far away: well I was small in the world of the big adults. But not too small to learn to read & write in Tigrigna, Amharic and Ge’ez with my father, but with my mother, as my teacher. Read More


    Alula Anna, from Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA

    I lived in Adwa for a year while I was teaching English at the TTI. I often encountered students from Queen Sheba as well as walked past it so many times. I have also visited other schools, mainly elementary, in and around Adwa and Tigray. While the schools do need work and supplies, I am amazed at the quality of the education that students receive. I truly believe American students could learn something from the way education is taught in Adwa.

    For those of you from Adwa, I am truly jealous of your history. Always stay strong.



    The Ancient Town Of Adwa


    For many years Adwa was the national top scorer in grade average points, and in the total number of students sitting and passing the 8th grade General Examination. In the School Leaving Certificate results too, (12th grade) it was one of the top scoring schools in Ethiopia. The elementary and secondary schools both have the same name: Queen Sheba School. (See the website at: http://www.http://qsinternational.org ) For this reason, many students used to come to Adwa, not only from surrounding towns and villages, but also from far away Gonder, Godjam, Dessie, and Asmara. There also was a Swedish Mission Teachers Training Institute (TTI) in Forestale, on the banks of River May Guagua.



    Alula G.E. Gorfu on “The_Ancient_Town_Of_Adwa..”

    Thanks to Gash G.E. Gorfu I now know many things I never knew about my birthplace—the Glorious historic Adwa. I never thought Adwa is this rich in history…I guess when you are lucky and were raised in a historic city as such, you get carried away by the name and forget to delve into the history of your city. Thanks to G.E. Gorfu, people like G.E. Gorfu are educating us. Like many other Tigrian cities, Adwa is home to many famous individuals in the contemporary Ethiopia—starting from the witty PMZ to multi award winning scientists (Dr. Teweldeberhan G.Egziabher), to the very first Ethiopian female engineer like Bernesh Asfaw, to the world class scholars like His Holiness Abune Paulos President of World Counsel of Churches, athletes, entertainers and entrepreneurs and writers such as Aite G.E. Gorfu himself…. Kudos to Adwa and to Queen Sheba school which planted the seeds of intelligence in the young minds of Sabawian.



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