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  • Frequently Asked Questions:

    Q – Who are in the Queen Sheba International Alumni Temporary Committee and how was the Committee formed?

    A – The Queen Sheba International Alumni Temporary Committee was formed on March of 2009 after a nationwide meeting was announced and some fifty people participated by teleconference calls from all over the US and Canada. Several points were raised at that meeting but the overriding concern was as to why Queen Sheba Alumni in spite of being the first Alumni to be created, had very little to show for it, while various other Alumnae that started much later had accomplished significant results. One reason given was the lack of central coordination and that each Branch Alumni was working individually and that fact had curtailed the effectiveness of the group. At the end of the meeting it was suggested that an International Alumni Committee be formed to bring these individual Branches under one umbrella.

    So, names were requested from the audience and several people were nominated into the new Committee. Those names then became the core for the International Temporary Committee. Some people have joined the Committee since it was created, and now there are close to fifteen that regularly gather every month and discuss various issues.

    Q – How is the International Temporary Committee going to bring these individual Branch Alumni under one umbrella?

    A – Queen Sheba International Alumni Temporary Committee started its work by fighting an imminent danger that had been planned to demolish the Queen Sheba Elementary School. An International petition campaign was mounted and within just a couple of weeks over three hundred signatures were collected, and letters written and sent to PM Meles Zenawi and other prominent government officials to look into the matter and spare the Alma Mater. That effort was then followed by drafting the Bylaws and revitalizing the Queen Sheba website. The Draft Bylaws has now been posted on the website and is open for reading and discussion by all interested.

    Q – What will be the relationship between the QS Alumni Branches and the International umbrella?

    A – As the name implies, the International Alumni is only an umbrella organization and cannot function without the various Branches. The Branch Alumnae have to ratify and endorse the Draft Bylaws and make it binding. Each Alumni Branch will then work with the International Alumni so that a synergy is created from a great number of Branches and the effort of each Branch can be magnified and become more effective, producing significant result. Each Branch will have its own autonomy within its locality. Also, any individual member who does not belong to a Branch can directly contact the International Alumni and participate and become a member and exercise the duties and responsibilities of a full member. Queen Sheba International Alumni will be equally accessible to each Branch and every individual who may not have others to form a Branch with.

    Q – What is the ratification process of the Draft Bylaws and when will it happen?

    A – The ratification of the Draft Bylaws will take place during the Queen Sheba General Meeting called for July 2nd, 3rd, & 4th of 2010 in Seattle, Washington. Each Branch should authorize and send three representative members to participate and vote on behalf of the Branch. The Branch Representatives will then vote on the Draft Bylaw, amend it as, and if, necessary and ratify it at that General Meeting.

    Q – What else is in the Agenda planned to take place at that General Meeting?

    A – Besides great entertainment, there will be the election of a Permanent Committee to accept the responsibility from the Temporary Committee. Once that Permanent Committee is formed, it will create an Executive body from within itself, and officially become The Queen Sheba International Alumni and be the umbrella for all Branches.

    Q – Does QS International Alumni cover other parts of the world like Europe, Asia etc.?

    A – The plan is that Queen Sheba International Alumni should be International as the name implies. However, it will initially unite Queen Sheba Chapters in USA and Canada. As soon as it takes root and is well organized, the plan is to expand, welcome, and include other Chapters in Europe, Asia, Africa, and other parts of the world.

    Q – Will the formation of these Alumni not weaken TDA?

    A –TDA or Tigray Development Agency stands for the development of Tigray. It has been said: - “To make Rome a clean city every home should clean its front and back yard!” With that view in mind, the development of any part of Tigray is the development of Tigray as a whole. So, everyone should rise up and take part in developing Tigray. That should be seen as working side by side and partnering with TDA. It is a false and poor notion to think TDA would be weak if Alumni Associations are formed and take active part in the development of schools in Tigray. These arguments have no validity.

    Q – Where are the Administrative Offices located, and what is the relationship between the QS International Alumni and The Queen Sheba Alumni in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia?

    A –The Administrative Office and Bank Accounts are currently located in Washington DC for the purpose of Tax Exemption 501 (C) Status and the need for yearly IRS filing of Taxes and any audits that may be required from time to time. So, at least for the time being, QS International and the QS Alumni in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, will work side by side as two independent organizations, one as donor and the other as recipient entities, respectively.

    Q – Are donations Tax deductible?

    A – Yes, Queen Sheba International is a Tax Exempt organization, and all donations are issued with a Tax-Id receipt and are eligible for full Tax deductions.

    Queen of Sheba Alumni

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