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Adwa, Tigray - Ethiopia

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  • -------------- Hall of Fame --------------


    Each Hall of Fame member, in his or her own way, has contributed to the advancement of the school either by directly involving in the development efforts of the school (teaching, financial or material contribution), or by indirectly enhancing its national status by the role its graduates play in the local, national and/or international arena. Internationally and nationally renowned scientists, country leaders, religious leaders, athletes, entrepreneurs and artists studied at Queen Sheba. Their efforts reflect back on their alma mater and show the world what it means to be a sabawian.

    momaqueensheba Haleka Tewelde Medhin Gebru:(Pioneer of Ethiopia's modern education, and translator of the first Tigrigna Bible. Haleka Tewolde Medhin had started his school in Adwa long before the Italian occupation, but when the Italians took over the town and made it their administrative center, he moved his school to Mai-Misham, a mountain fortress about a day’s journey south east of Adwa, where the Italians had no access. He continued to teach there all through the five years of occupation and founded the school, which bears his name to this day. When the Italians left, the Haleka returned to Adwa with a dozen of his close followers that now had become his trusted disciples and he continued where he had left.)

    Ato Birhane Bizuneh: He was a great role model and dedicated mentor, known & loved by many for his dedication in changing student’s life. He was always with his students every evening during study periods, as a special tutor.

    momaqueensheba His Holiness Abune Paulos :( His Holiness Abune Paulos is the Patriarch of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church & President of World Counsel of Churches. He has served as a member of central committee and the Faith and Order commission, and attended the Nairobi assembly. He has participated in many international meetings, including the World Economic Forum and the World Summit of Religious and Spiritual Leaders at the United Nations, and has been instrumental in encouraging interfaith dialogue in Ethiopia. He has shown keen interest in youth, women’s issues and HIV/AIDS, acting as patron of the national programme on HIV/AIDS. In recognition of his outstanding contributions to the protection and welfare of refugees, he was awarded the Nansen Medal for Africa by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in 2000.)

    momaqueensheba His Holiness Abuna Yesehaq :(Archbishop Abuna Yesehaq Mandefro, a leader in the diaspora of the Orthodox Church of Ethiopia. Abuna Yesehaq, whose original name was Laike Mandefro, was born in Adwa, Ethiopia, in 1933. His parents were Ethiopian Orthodox. He attended liturgical schools in Ethiopia and was ordained a deacon and priest there. He was one of the young clerics taken to be tutored personally by Haile Selassie, the head of state and titular head of the church. Appointed the church's administrator of the Western Hemisphere, he went to Jamaica in 1970 to establish the church there. He was credited with forming more than 70 congregations, with more than 300,000 members, many in the Caribbean. )

    momaqueensheba Memhir Gobezie Goshu : who opened the very first bookstore in town,

    momaqueensheba Bilata Gebru T/Haimanot :(The very First Director of Queen Sheba, who worked hard to get the best teachers and finance from the Ministry of education, together with his cousin Ato Gebreab Biadglign, He also paid the parents of school children so that the children could go to school. The parents wanted to send their children to work instead of school.)

    momaqueensheba Ato Gebreab Biadglign :(Director in the Ministry of Education and Fine Arts )

    momaqueensheba Ato Mekonen Desta:("Ato Mekonnen Desta was a dynamic and charismatic director who dedicated many years of service to Queen Sheba School. Thanks to his personal effort and encouragement during his time the number of girls in the school increased significantly, he spread education from Adua to Axum to Tembien and various parts of Ethiopia...")

    momaqueensheba Prof. Desta Asayehegn : Prof. Desta Asayehegn is a Distinguished Professor of Economics who authors several articles and books. He is a generous donor who donated US $30,000.00 to build a vocational school for Wood-work and Metal work in his home town (Adwa).

    momaqueensheba H.E. PM. Meles Zenawi:(H.E. Meles Zenawi is a product of Queen of Sheba and Prime Minister of Ethiopia. Meles Zenawi is judged by many as a first class genius shrewd politician and the most capable political leader that has ever come to the helm of state power in Ethiopia's modern history. Meles with his comrades has effectively transformed the once clandestine and militaristic guerrilla movement into a more transparent and democratic political party than ever before; In recognition of his outstanding contributions to Ethiopia and the world in genral he has awarded the top honor prize of the World Peace Council for his contributions for globa peace and he is a winner of a Norwegian US$200,000 prize that promotes U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan's call for a green revolution in Africa.)

    momaqueensheba Dr.Kinfe Abraham :(Writer and Kingmaker)
    Solomon Woldeargay: (Teacher & Chairman of the Alumni in Adwa)

    Gebregzabiher Tesfahune: (Dirctor & Chairman of the Alumni in Adwa)
    momaqueensheba G. E. Gorfu (Iasu Gorfu) (Philosopher,Poet,Writer and Philanthropist)
    momaqueensheba Dr. Tewolde Gebre Egziabher (Scientist & Role Model)
    momaqueensheba Ato Bitewilign Birhane (Philanthropist )
    Ato GebreMichael Birhane (Philanthropist )
    momaqueensheba Dr. Aregawi Berhe:(Founder of TPLF & among the very first pioneer group of 9th graders (secondary schoolers)

    momaqueensheba Terfu Asfaw:( Math Teacher and Philanthropist )
    Sebhat Nega: (Father of TPLF & Best Director)

    momaqueensheba Teklu Hawze: (Teacher and Actvist)
    momaqueensheba Lidya Scheifer :( Philanthropist, Humanitarian Hero)
    Bekele Berhan:(Diplomat & Mobilizer)
    Alemash Berhe: (Banker & Dedicated Member)
    Abba Haile Mariam Teklehaimanot :(Teacher & Philanthropist )
    Prof.Taddese Araya Meshesha :(Teacher)
    Bernesh Asfaw:(First Ethiopian Female Engineer)
    Haileselassie Girmay :(Poet & Writer)
    Abraham Gebremedhin :(Singer)

    momaqueensheba Wr/o Tiberh Woldegebriel: (W/ro Tiberh Woldegebriel is The guru of “Woman empowerment in Tigray" a Humanitarian, Founder of Mums for Mums. An NGO which is transforming the life of many single mums to help and pull out themselves from the vicious cycle of poverty. W/ro Tiberh has done a very remarkable job to help fellow women.)

    Hall of Fame nominations are now being accepted. Please submit your nominees to admin@http://qsinternational.org Please describe, in detail, why you think your nominee should be included in the Hall of Fame. Your description should include what the nominee did to the society at large, why you think s/he is the crème de la crème. of the Almuni/Adwa.

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