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  • The History of Queen Sheba 1943-2006

    Queen Sheba was founded in 1942(1934 E.C), exactly a year after the defeat of colonial Italy. The foundation for what subsequently would be four classrooms was laid adjacent to where the current school stands. When class started Haleka Teweldemedhin Gebru moved his pupils, 17 in all, from Mission school at Grat MaElem where he had been teaching on his own for some years. In that day and age, there were tremendous religious, cultural, and social constraints, where even sending one’s kid to modern education was considered as converting one's religion and abandoning local culture. Hence, overcoming these hurdles and registering once kid at a school required courage and determination. In addition there was a controversy as to what use the 15,000 sq meter area which though ideal for a school was also coveted by the Ministry of Finance and other government officials of the time. However the controversy was settled when Price Asfawessen visited Adua and declared that the area be used for the school.

    After overcoming the initial controversy and social constraints, the director Bilata Gebru T/Haimanot expanded the school by hiring teachers and other employees from the local population and from other areas and through constant discussion and permission with the then Director of Ministry of Education, Ato Gebreab Biadglign.

    Teachers and other employees at Queen Sheba by 1947:

    Teachers & Director:

  • Ato Mekonen Desta (1st Director)
  • Haleka Gezakegn Aflegn
  • Bashay Medhaniye Hailu
  • W/ro Hiwet T/Haimanot
  • Ato Ephrem G/Selase
  • Mr. Abraham
  • Ato Yakob Tesfa
  • Ato Habte Tesfazige
  • Ato Alemayehu Berhe
  • Ato Mersha Mebrahitu
  • Ato Abay Yehidego
  • Ato Kass Bezabih
  • Kegnat Araya Baraki
  • W/ro Tiberih Tewolde Medhin
  • Bashai Asfaw G/Mariam
  • W/ro Letebrihan Yohannes
  • Ato Alebachew Fetene
  • W/ro Kiristu
  • Hleka Mussie
  • Sajin Mamu
  • Guards and Gardeners of the time:

  • Ato Tetemke Gebrezige
  • Ato G/Selase Asfaw
  • Sheka Mengesha G/Selase
  • Ato Abraha G/Mariam
  • Balambaras W/Selase Seyoum
  • Foreign Teachers:

  • Mr. Ale Muazen(Sudanse)
  • Mr. Amen Ale She(Sudanes)
  • Mr. Justin(Indian)
  • Mr.Jone, Mr.Shamron, Mr. Chanda Pelai and Mr.Abraham were also employed as teachers and directors from 1948 to 1958. Until 1956 students who completed the eighth grade and passed the national exam had to go to Addis Ababa, the capital, since there were no high schools in Tigray. In 1958, however, Atse Yohannes II high school was opened at Mekelle and those who finished eighth grade in Adwa could continue their education in Mekelle.

    In 1963 when Emperor Haile Selasse visited Adwa the regional governor, Dejach G/Hewet Meshesha, the school's director, Ato Birhane Bezuneh, and other known personalities convinced the Emperor of the need to establish a high school in Adwa. With the permission of the Emperor construction of the high school began within a few months, and class started with 120 students in 1964. The established high school became an oppotunity for education not only for adwa, but also for students from as far as Aksum, Tembien, Shire, and other nearby regions.

  • Ato Rediet Kinfe (1st Director)
  • Ato Belay Ashebir(1st Secretary)
  • The 1st teachers of Queen Sheba High School

  • Ato Sied Seraj
  • Ato G/Mechael Haile
  • Mr. Apen (from India)
  • Ato Birhane Mengesha
  • Mr. Bira Vinder(from USA)
  • Ato Mekonnen G/Giyorgis
  • Mrs. Bir Vinder(from USA)
  • Ato Amare Dore
  • Aba Weldesenbet
  • Among the few Pioneer group of 9th graders of Queen of Sheba secondary school:

  • Dr. Asghedom Ghebremichael
  • Ato Haileselassie Mesfin
  • Dr. Aregawi Berhe
  • Ato Tsegai Temalow
  • Dr. Fisseha Gebremariam (Sr.Scientist)
  • Ato Birara Tiquabo
  • Ato Hailu Woldegebriel
  • Dr. Abraha Amaha
  • W/ro Zenebesh Gebremedhin
  • W/ro Marta Sangeleto
  • Ato Yesac (Isac) Hagos

  • The school that opened in 1963 as a middle school had become comprehensive secondary school by 1971. By 2001 with 73 class rooms Queen Sheba was accommodating more than 7,800 students.

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